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Life's Fair is an aggregator of the best words ever spoken or written by man across various mediums. The largest part of our database consists of quotes from famous people found in books or in speeches. We also include phrases from unique sources such as bumper stickers, pickup lines used in nightclubs, idioms and other places. We love words and the power they convey when strung together in just the right way. Words can uplift and words can enslave. We try to show all sides of life and the words that express the various emotions that humans experience. There is a quote for every person and every mood.
Who Created
Life's Fair was created by Brian Wright in December of 2009 when he got tired of keeping scraps of paper of quotes he had written down. He would get these quotes from presentations and interviews he had seen, television, magazine articles and other sources. In addition to famous public quotes, he also wanted a place to keep personal sayings from friends and family and so Life's Fair was born.
Why the Name Life's Fair?
Life' comes from the expression "life is not fair," often used by mothers to convey to their children that they can't have everything they want, when they want, because life simply does not work that way - life is not fair. This site is dedicated to those people who have ever been on the receiving end of that comment. It is also meant to be a play on words. The word "fair" simply means you have a 50:50 chance of something happening or not happening - the outcome is not biased. However, "fair" can also mean that life is just okay, not great, but not terrible - just middle of the road. It seemed like the perfect name for a site dedicated to capturing the best and worst phrases ever documented in history. So read, laugh, cry, and definitely share these words. Afterall, life's completely fair.

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